About Me


Dr Ravee Vellu S was born in Singapore. He is the founder of RVS Mind Science (Singapore). Ravee has completed his Bachelor’s, Master’s and Doctoral Degree programs in Metaphysical Science with the University of Metaphysics.

Ravee has been conducting motivational talks, workshops, seminars, counseling sessions, therapies, meditation courses, team-building exercises, stress-relieving exercises and mind-empowerment courses for students, adults, and corporate organizations in Singapore. His courses are tailored to suit people of all walks of life for the well-being of the body, mind, and soul. The primary objectives of his programs are to create an awareness of the inner self, highlight the power and positive attributes of the sub-conscious mind, and assist one to connect with the Higher Consciousness.

Dr Ravee is a registered member with the International Metaphysical Ministry and a Member of the American Metaphysical Doctors Association. He has been a theatre practitioner in Singapore for the past 30 years and incorporates theatre therapies in his metaphysical teachings and workshops. One of the popular courses conducted by Ravee is “Your Mind, Your Kingdom.”

His deep research and knowledge are in the fields of Mind Power, Thought Processing Skills, Transcendental Powers, Cosmic Messages, and The Lives of Gurus and Spiritual Masters.Dr Ravee published his first book, Guru & I in 2015.


University of Metaphysics

University of Sedona

International Metaphysical Ministry

American Metaphysical Doctors Association