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The courses have given me a good insight about spirituality and enlightened my positive thoughts. The courses have equipped me  well & made me come out of my comfort zone. I am more receptive to better ideas in life…” Mr Palani

“My life was in darkness before attending these courses. The steps and teachings taught had lighted up the path to my life journey. The lessons are simple and inspiring. The courses have opened up my inner-self and built my capabilities…” Ms Viji

I have taken away many invaluable messages from the courses. I have learnt to accept things for what they are. The courses have given me the courage and strength to face any situations. I have developed a fresh new way of looking at life...” Ms Devi

“I would like to thank from the bottom of my heart for conducting these wonderful courses. The past few months have been an amazing journey for me. I have become stronger and have built the confidence to overcome difficult situations…Ms Vani

“After attending the courses, I realize how powerful our mind is. It was an eye-opener for me. The courses have benefitted me in my daily lifestyle. The methods are very useful. I look forward to attend more classes…Mr Chandran

“RVS Mind Science courses have made me realize who I am and the areas to change in order to be a better human. It has given me the mindset to be more positive and accept life as it comes. I am very peaceful and happy now…Ms Sivasakthy

After attending the courses by RVS Mind Science, I have understood myself better. My spiritual beliefs are stronger and I feel I can achieve anything with my mind power. I really feel I am beautiful and I am an excellent person…” Ms Meena

RVS Mind Science courses have been an eye- opener for me. I learnt the power of human mind. The techniques taught in the meditation courses are of great benefit. I am looking at life challenges positively and living life to the fullest…” Mrs Sethu

“I have been angry with myself and the people around me for many years. Now I am peaceful with myself and began to appreciate every moment of my life. I am very happy. I thank the Almighty for giving me this opportunity...” Ms Vanaza

“I am grateful to the Almighty for introducing me to these courses. I am able to connect with my Higher Self and reap great benefits. Thanks to RVS Mind Science…” Mr Basker

“I have built a lot confidence and belief to achieve what I want. I have a sense of peacefulness within me and I better understand myself. I have gained a lot of happiness…” Ms Darshini

“ ‘Peace’ is what I have gained from attending the courses by RVS Mind Science. I now handle my emotions well. There is clarity in my thoughts, decisions and an inner strength…” Ms Indira